Get Involved

1. Start tracking!
Go outdoors and start looking for raccoon tracks! If you find any signs of raccoons email us at or post a picture of the prints on our Facebook page! Lucky enough to see a raccoon while out tracking?! Upload the raccoon location to , or inform us and we can do it for you. Remember, always exercise caution when around wild animals!

Raccoon prints- notice the long slender digits!

2. Schedule an outreach event
Interested in having the UWRP organize a hands-on, science presentation or activity related to our research? Email us at to schedule an outreach event!

Sarah Daniels (M.S. in Zoology) and Lauren Stanton (PhD Candidate) teaching children about the UWRP and how we measure the problem-solving abilities of raccoons.

3. Let us conduct research on your property
Do you have raccoons living on or traveling through your property and want to help us with our research? Contact us at if you would like us to set up a trail camera and/or a humane, live-trap on your property. Please note that all raccoons captured by the UWRP are released within the area they were captured. Having issues with local wildlife? Check out the The Humane Society of the United States for non-lethal tips on resolving human-wildlife conflict.

Raccoons traveling through Laramie residents' properties late at night!

Donate to the UWRP by contacting the University of Wyoming Zoology Department .