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Congratulations Hailey, Emily, Jessica, and Alix!

Hailey Barton, Emily Davis, and Jessica Marsh won NSF EPSCoR fellowships to continue their research in the lab over Summer 2016. Alix Wimberley was awarded a year-long NASA Space Consortium grant. Congratulations! We are very excited to see the results of your work.

Dr. Benson-Amram discusses hyenas in National Geographic

Dr. Benson-Amram is featured as an expert in National Geographic discussing how to tell male and female hyenas apart. The article can be found at this link:


ABC Lab Members Present at the Animal Behavior Society Conference

Sarah Daniels: "Behavioral flexibility in Procyon lotor (raccoon)"
Lisa Barrett: "Personality and problem solving in zebra finches"
Lauren Stanton: "Investigation of causal understanding in raccoons using the Aesop's Fable paradigm"

Emily Davis: "The effect of sex and seasonal variation on raccoon (Procyon lotor) home ranges in Laramie, Wyoming"
Rachel Fanelli: "Neophobic responses and problem-solving abilities of raccoons (Procyon lotor) in captivity"

UW Raccoon Project on Wyoming Public Radio!

The University of Wyoming Raccoon Project was featured in a segment of "Open Spaces" on Wyoming Public Radio (9/16/2016)! Follow this link to the article and podcast!

PNAS published our study on brain size and problem solving in carnivores!

Our recent study showing a relationship between relative brain size and problem-solving ability in mammalian carnivores was just published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. A video describing our major findings can be viewed here. A pdf of the paper is available here.